Monsta X preparing for comeback in the first half of the year.

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  • 2020-03-25

Monsta X is preparing for comeback in the first half of the year.
As the group Monsta X is preparing for a comeback in the first half of the year, the member Joo Heon-do, who stopped activity due to anxiety, resume the activity.
An official from Starship Entertainment  told Star News on the 25th that "Monsta X has entered the preparations for a comeback in mind in the first half."
In January, Joo Heon stopped working, complaining of symptoms of psychological anxiety. At that time, the agency said, “After a sufficient discussion with the members, we decided to focus on the recovery of Joo Heon by continuing treatment and stabilization. We ask for your understanding of the decision. ”
Joo Heon announced on the 23rd that the video content was released through the MONSTA X V live channel and announced the resumption of activity.
The agency said, "Joo Heon's health has improved a lot, and we continue to check his health status."
Last year, Monsta X was active with songs like 'Alligator' and 'Follow', and was loved both domestically and abroad. In particular, it recently released the first regular album 'All About Love' in the United States, set a record to rise to the top 5 of the Billboard main chart, 'Billboard 200'.
Written by Gong MinaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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