Lim Young Woong's Fan Make Donation for Flood Victims

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  • 2020-08-25
Young woong Lim's fan club 'Young Woong Sidea '(Era of Heroes) donated 890 million won to flood victims
On the 24th, the Lim Young-woong fan club 'Hero's Era' announced on the 24th that it has donated 8,9668,2219 won to those who sell hope through the official fan cafe.
The donation will be used for emergency recovery support in flooded areas and home appliance support for flood victims.
The amount was collected through 15,922 sponsorships from the 11th to the 21st. In 11 days, a donation of nearly 900 million won is gathered to realize the influence of Lim Young-woong and the fan club.
Youngwoong Lim's fans have consistently donated and spread the good influence of him. Recently, in celebration of the 4th anniversary of Lim Young-woong's debut, a number of fan cafes have donated to the Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community Chest, Holt Children's Welfare Association, and the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation.
Written by Gong MinaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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