'BTS Sugar Collaboration' MAX '2020 AAA'

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  • 2020-10-28

Pop star MAX, well known in Korea through collaboration with group BTS will join the '2020 Asia Artist Awards'.

The '2020 AAA' is the world's first combined artist and singer awards ceremony, hosted by Star News and co-hosted by Motivation Production, Dorothy Communications, and the AAA Organizing Committee. The'Asia Artist Awards', which started in 2016, has been reborn as the No.1 global awards ceremony, delighting fans around the world by presenting a new stage that has never been seen anywhere else.
Earlier, Mamamoo, NCT 127, ITZY, StrayKids, One Earth, Cravity, Secret Number, Treasure, Song Ga-in, Kang Daniel, Big Man, Alexa, Super Junior. GOT7, Twice, Monsta X, AB6IX, Pentagon, The Boyz, (G) Idle, IZ*ONE, and MAX announced the news of attending '2020 AAA' on the 27th, attracting the attention of K-pop fans around the world.
Among these, MAX's participation is eye-catching. 
MAX is a pop singer who debuted in the United States, born in 1992. 
On January 14th, he held his first concert in Korea and met with Korean fans. In particular, BTS members Suga and Jungkook not only recommended MAX's 'Love Me Less', but also made a close relationship by visiting the concert in Korea.
Among them, Suga and Max have been close together by watching the NBA game together. MAX participated in the track 'Burn It' on Suga's mixtape 'D-2', and recently, Suga participated in the 6th track 'Blueberry Eyes' of MAX's new album'Colour Vision' released in September. 
Written by Lee Jun HoTranslated by Lee So Yun

Meanwhile, the '2020 AAA', a global No.1 awards ceremony, decorated by singers and actors representing Korea and fans around the world, will be held on November 25th.
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