NU'EST Hosts Online Fan Meeting Today

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  • 2020-11-28

Group NU'EST will hold an online fan meeting 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE'.
NU'EST will open the 2020 NU'EST FAN MEETING 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE'-ONLINE, which will be broadcast live online from 6 pm on the 28th, and meet with global fans.
NU'EST's online fan meeting 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE', which has returned after about a year since 2019, is conducted with the concept of inviting the fan club 'L.O.Λ.E' to an university festival called 'Newniversity'. 
As can be seen in the poster released earlier, NU'EST with the school look styling, transforms into a university senior and presents a special time that can only be felt in 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE'.
At this fan meeting, NU'EST not only unfolds a variety of stages that will enthusiasm for global fans, but also presents a wealth of attractions that cannot take their eyes off the eyes through various corners prepared with full fan love, and unforgettable 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE' with fans. 
In particular, this fan meeting, which is being broadcast live online, raised the expectations of fans to the peak as you can meet vividly with a total of 6 multi-view screens, from full-shots of the stage where you can see NU'EST's previous stage at a glance, to angles for each member.
As such, NU'EST is expected to open an online fan meeting 'L.O.Λ.E PAGE', communicate with fans around the world in real time, and fill the first row of the home room with their own heat.
Written by Lee Jung HoTranslated by Lee So Yun
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