NiziU No. 1 on the Line Music Chart After Pre-Release of Debut Single Sound Source

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  • 2020-11-28

New singer NiziU has reached the top after the pre-release of the debut single sound source, and is sparking a popularity craze as expected.
NiziU releases a single 'Step and a Step' in Japan on December 2nd and makes its official debut. Prior to this, the sound source and music video of the title track of the same name as the new single were pre-released as part of the 0:00 promotion on November 25th.
After the new song 'Step and a Step' was pre-released, it entered No. 1 on the Japan Line Music Real-Time Top 100 Chart. The music video also quickly exceeded 10 million views on YouTube at 11:42 pm on the 25th, about 23 hours and 40 minutes after the release.
In particular, the messages and videos that crush the hearts of the fans are exquisitely harmonized, attracting more attention.
The music video for the pre-debut song 'Make you happy' exceeded 100 million views in two months of release, and the official debut song is expected to achieve 100 million views.
With 'Make you happy' written and composed by JYP's representative producer Park Jin-young, it is noteworthy what kind of history the people who set numerous firsts and highest records, including the first girl group streaming number of 100 million. 
On the other hand, NiziU appeared on the NTV 'Best Artist 2020' aired on the 25th and showed the live stage of the new song 'Step and a Step', captivating viewers. Since 2001, this program has been loved as a special broadcast of NTV's year-end music, with the most outstanding singers every year.
In addition, NiziU completely dominates not only the music market but also the advertising world, and enjoys a syndrome-level popularity. Also, NiziU was selected as advertising models for major brands in succession including Japan Coca-Cola, Lawson, and Lotte Confectionery Fitz Gum. In particular, NiziU's team logo and products packaged with members' appearances are expected to attract enthusiastic responses locally, and the NiziU Holic of the Japanese advertising industry is expected to continue.
Written by Lee Jung HoTranslated by Lee So Yun
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