BLACKPINK Lisa unveils a movie-like dance performance

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  • 2021-02-12

Lisa of South Korean group BLACKPINK released a dance video as a surprise gift to fans for the New Year.
On the 12th, Lisa posted a video of 'LILI's FILM #5-LISA Dance Performance Video: THE MOVIE' through her personal YouTube channel'Lily Film'. In line with the title of 'THE MOVIE', unlike the existing performances, the drama was added to create a mysterious and dreamy noir mood.
This performance video was created through work with Cheshir Ha, a choreographer who has previously created a choreography video for 'Lily Film'. Lisa reinterpreted Destiny Rogers''Tomboy' song with her own color with deeper expressive power and excellent choreography technique.
Every time Lisa's performance video is released, it recorded high numbers of view and loved by global fans. Last year, a scene from Lisa's performance was born as a 'Meme' challenge, which drew explosive reactions from all over the world.
As evidenced by such a steady topic, the number of subscribers to the personal YouTube channel 'Lily Film' already has exceeded 5.11 million, and the cumulative views exceeded 170 million views even in more than 10 videos. BLACKPINK's YouTube channel, which Lisa belongs to, currently has over 57.2 million subscribers, which is the number one female artist in the world. Justin Bieber, the number one overall, is rapidly following the number of subscribers (60.8 million).
In addition, Lisa currently has more than 46.25 million Instagram followers, keeping the highest number of Instagram followers among K-pop artists. This is an indicator that allows Lisa to see that she has a powerful impact on her global fans.
Meanwhile, BLACKPINK who successfully completed 'YG PALM STAGE-2020 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW', will continue their solo projects in the order of Rose and Lisa.
Written by Lee Jung HoTranslated by Lee So Yun
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