IZ*ONE Relaunch Project Cancelled

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  • 2021-07-29

The fundraising project for the reunion of IZ*ONE was eventually canceled.
Parallel Universe Project committe announced through the funding platform Wadiz on the 29th that "The purpose of the funding is to use the existing funding amount when switching to another plan, such as units, because it is difficult to achieve the original goal of this project. It was judged that the purposes is not to fit."
It also added that "After the extension of the Wadiz funding period on June 18, we prepared and contacted from various angles, such as negotiations centered on CJ and a plan to be carried out centering on each agency when the plan failed. In the former case, the requirements between each agency and the final agreement was not reached due to different reasons, and the second proposal was also not in a situation where it was possible to receive a definite answer during the funding period."
Although the project has been finished, it hinted at the possibility that activities could be reviewed in the form of units or other projects in the future. 
The Committee said, "We will continue to expand the ties and connections with the respective agencies that we have built up during the parallel universe project for collaboration between IZone members, unit activities, and the release of unreleased songs at concerts. We will work hard.”
Written by Gong MinaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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