BTS Jimin, heavenly voice 'beautiful emotion'

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  • 2021-07-30

"Jimin's angelic voice reminded me of my son who left and I cried."
BTS Jimin made a heart-warming impression around the world with the song 'I'll Be Missing You'.
BTS appeared on BBC Radio 1 'Live Lounge' on the 27th (local time).
On this day, BTS performed 'Dynamite' and 'Permission to Dance', followed by 'I'll Be' by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans, who sampled 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police. Missing You'.
After the stage of 'I'll Be Missing You', praise for Jimin's song continues around the world. Jimin gave me a lot of emotion. The high notes that Jimin performed on stage touched the hearts of people around the world and resonated with emotion.
A woman who said she sent her son to heaven two years ago said that her son liked 'I'll Be Missing You' and she said, "I lost my son and held back tears even during that difficult time. Today's stage was a really great cover. A wonderful youth made me cry." She praised Jimin's song, saying "His voice was like from the heaven. He reminded me of my son."
The global media also praised it.
'POP SUGAR' said, "You will want to see Jimin playing the high-pitched part of 'I'll Be Missing You' again", and 'The Times of India' focused on Jimin's beautiful voice and said, "Jimin is Faith Hill perfectly fit the vocal range and digested the high notes."
Fans around the world responded enthusiastically. 'JIMINS', 'JIMIN HONEY VOCLAS', and 'JIMIN VOCLA KING' heated up the Twitter trend. His current name also appeared on the Japanese celebrity ranking Twiple, proving his popularity.

Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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