ATEEZ, Spotify Cumulative Streaming Breaks 700 Million [Official]

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  • 2021-09-01

Idol group ATEEZ has surpassed the 700 million cumulative number of streaming on Spotify.
On the 1st, ATEEZ's agency, KQ Entertainment, said, "The cumulative number of streaming of the songs in ATEEZ's entire album has exceeded 700 million on Spotify."

This is the new record since it has surpassed 600 million at the end of May, the number increased by 100 million in about three months, adding another record.
ATEEZ released their 2nd mini album 'TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One', the title song 'Say My Name', and their 3rd mini album 'TREASURE EP.3: One Two'. All' title song 'WAVE', 1st regular album 'TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action'.
Title song 'Wonderland'  has been streamed over 50 million times as a single song, and is receiving steady love.
In addition, ATEEZ, which has 1.7 million followers on Spotify, recently broke its own record with over 2.4 million monthly listeners.
Written by Yoon Sang GeunTranslated by Lee So Yun
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