BTS X Coldplay collaboration

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  • 2021-09-14

A new song in collaboration between the top idol group BTS and the world-famous band Coldplay will be released on the 24th.
On the 13th, Warner Music Korea announced that the new song 'My Universe', a collaboration between Coldplay and BTS, will be released on the 24th.
Coldplay also announced the release of a collaboration song with BTS, saying "My Universe / Coldplay X BTS / September 24th" through the official SNS on the same day.
This song, sung in English and Korean, was written and composed by Coldplay and BTS, and produced by Max Martin. 'My Universe' will be included in Coldplay's 9th album 'Music Of The Spheres', which is scheduled to be released on October 15th.
Earlier, the news that Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin visited Korea in the spring of April was reported, raising expectations for a collaboration with a Korean singer. Since then, rumors of a collaboration between Coldplay and BTS have flowed out among fans one after another.
On the 10th, Chris Martin hosted the YouTube original music show 'RELEASED' featuring BTS, raising the expectations of fans even more.
Written by Gong MinaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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