Brave Girls Postpone First Concert

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  • 2021-12-27

Brave Girls' first solo concert has been postponed.
On the 27th, Brave Entertainment announced, "The Brave Girls' first solo concert <THE BRAVE GIRLS SHOW>, which was scheduled for January 15th and 16th, will be temporarily postponed."
"In addition, we tried to carry out the performance safely through additional quarantine measures such as a quarantine pass and a seat system to keep a distance. But we have decided to indefinitely postpone the concert after giving much consideration. We didn't think we can carry out the concert with ensuring the safety of audiences, artists, and staff."
 "We will prepare for the resumption of the Brave Girls' first concert <THE BRAVE GIRLS SHOW> once the COVID-19 is alleviated. As this is the first solo concert that you have been looking forward to, we will do our best to meet the fans with a more complete performance.”, the agency added. 
Written by Lee Deok HaengTranslated by Lee So Yun
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