TREASURE, 'Jikjin' MV 20 million views in 2 days

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  • 2022-02-18

Group Treasure is writing its own shortest and best records day after day with the new song 'Jikin'.
According to YG Entertainment on the 18th, the music video for Treasure's title song 'JIKJIN' surpassed 20 million views on YouTube at 1:15 pm on the same day.
In just over 2 days and 19 hours since its release, this is the fastest speed among all the music videos Treasure has released since their debut. 
It took an average of 15 days for the music videos to reach 20 million views, including the title songs of the previous albums, 'BOY', 'Um,' I love you, and 'MY TREASURE'.
The new album is achieving remarkable results on domestic and foreign music and album charts. The album, which had a pre-order volume of 600,000 copies, took the top spot on the Hanteo Chart as well as 30 iTunes regions on the first day of release and topped the world-wide album chart. It also landed at the top of iTunes in the US, the world's largest pop market.
It is particularly strong in Japan. The song 'Jikjin' went straight to No. 1 in Japan's Line Music Top 100. The next day, it swept the top rankings of major local music sites such as Rakuten Music, Apple Music, iTunes, AWA, and mu-mo.
The music video for 'JIKJIN' drew attention thanks to YG's bold support. They put a lot of effort into perfection, including investing a whopping 500 million won for the production cost. Director Lee Sang-yoon, a former Mnet star PD recruited by YG, grabbed the megaphone.

Written by Gong MinaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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