GOT7 Takes #1 in iTunes 95 regions

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  • 2022-05-25

Idol group GOT7 took the top spot on iTunes charts around the world with their comeback album 'GOT7'.
GOT7's new mini-album 'GOT7', released on the 23rd, topped the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and the European iTunes Album Chart on the 24th (as of 6pm). 'GOT7' also topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 95 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Singapore. GOT7 is the second K-pop artist to top the iTunes Top Albums chart in more than 90 countries and regions.
In addition, the album title song 'NANANA' topped the iTunes Top Song Charts in 71 countries and regions, including Brazil, Colombia, India, and Spain, and set a record to climb to the 2nd place on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and 3rd on the European iTunes Song Chart. 
'GOT7' is an album that contains the sincerity of GOT7 so as not to forget who they are, for those who have waited, and for everyone who is with them. GOT7's special fan love and sincere message, which has taken a new step, are well received by listeners.
'NANANA' is a song filled with GOT7's unique bright and chilly feel. The desire to present a song like a gift for the long-awaited fans and the public is well melted in the song. JAY B wrote and composed the lyrics himself. 
Written by Yoon Sang GeunTranslated by Lee So Yun
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