NCT 127 Hold Jamsil Main Stadium concert

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  • 2022-10-25

Group NCT 127 successfully finished their solo concert at Jamsil Main Stadium.
The Seoul special performance 'NEO CITY: SEOUL - THE LINK +' of NCT 127's second world tour was held on October 22-23 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.
In particular, this concert is the first solo concert held by NCT ​​127 at Jamsil Main Stadium, the largest concert hall in Korea. As much as possible, it realized the global power and status of NCT 127.
In this performance, NCT 127 performed various b-side songs such as 'Faster', 'Tasty', 'Time Lapse' and 'Designer', including the title song 'Fast' released in September, and various b-side songs.
The group presented a total of 37 stages for 4 hours until the parade of hit songs, and NCT 127's outstanding live performance, unrivaled performance, and energetic stage manners made the concert hall hot all the time.
In addition, the EDM remix medley stage that leads to 'Sticker', 'Superhuman', and 'Cherry Bomb', 'We Now', 'Welcome To My Playground', '1, 2, 7', 'Black and White Movie', etc. , NCT 127 made the Jamsil Main Stadium a festival venue with various stages where audiences can interact with NCT 127,
Meanwhile, NCT 127 will continue their second world tour 'NEO CITY - THE LINK' in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 4-5, and Bangkok, Thailand on December 3-5.
Written by Han Hye SeonTranslated by Lee So Yun
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