Fans of BTS Jimin, USA 'big support'..'FACE' support

  • 이소연 기자
  • 2023-03-09

Support from fans cheering for the release of BTS Jimin's first solo album 'FACE' will unfold in the United States.
While Jimin is releasing his first solo album 'Face' on the 24th, the Korean fan base ALLFORJIMIN_KOR will provide support in Las Vegas and New York.
First of all, Jimin's cheering advertisement will be held on three large screens installed outside the PLANET HOLLYWOOD hotel located in the center of the street in Las Vegas, a city in the western United States.
Planet Hollywood is a place with a large floating population as it has famous restaurants and large shopping malls, so it has a high frequency of advertisement exposure, and advertisement videos will be sent on the 17th and 18th in line with the release date of the pre-released song 'Set Me Free'.
Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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