MONSTA X, coming soon image open

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  • 2023-05-02

Jooheon of the boy group MONSTA X raised the fever for his comeback.
On the 1st, Joohoney opened the coming soon image of his first mini album (JOOHONEY The 1ST Mini Album) through Monsta X's official SNS.
The Coming Soon image contains Jooheon's solo debut date and album name. According to this, Jooheon will release his first mini-album 'LIGHTS' on the 22nd.
In addition, the Coming Soon image contains a yellow curtain or desert land and sky reversed on a sky blue background. It has a different feel from the charismatic and cool official logo image that was previously released.
Jooheon has been steadily expanding his capabilities as a producer, from personal mixtapes and Monsta X albums, collaborations with outside artists, and director of mission songs for audition programs. This album is his first solo album with his flavor.
Meanwhile, Jooheon plans to open various teasing promotional contents in the future, raising expectations for his solo debut.
Written by Choi Hye JinTranslated by Lee So Yun
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