Singer Young Tak Donate "Good Star King Competition"

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  • 2023-05-15

Singer Young Tak has donated the entire prize money from the "Good Star King Competition" to support children with pediatric cancer and leukemia, according to the Korea Children's Cancer Foundation.
"Good Star" is a donation platform service that supports the positive influence of celebrities. It operates by allowing users to watch videos and listen to songs of participating singers in the app's competition, support them through missions within the app, and donate prize money according to the rankings.
Young Tak, who has achieved a cumulative donation amount of 8.36 million won through "Good Star," has expanded his activities beyond music to various genres by making special appearances in shows like "Grumpy Intern," "Surviving as an Entertainment Manager," and "Wind, Clouds, and Rain." 
He is also set to appear as a detective in the upcoming JTBC drama "Strong Woman Kang Soon," scheduled to air in September. Furthermore, Young Tak, known for his lively and witty remarks, is expected to actively participate as a regular panelist in the new SBS talk show "Kang Sim Jang League," which will start airing on May 23rd, alongside MCs Kang Ho-dong and Lee Seung-gi.
The prize money donated by Young Tak under his name in the "King Competition" will be used for the medical expenses of children suffering from pediatric cancer, leukemia, and rare incurable diseases. The Korea Children's Cancer Foundation's support program covers surgery costs and hospital treatment expenses for children diagnosed with pediatric cancer, leukemia, and rare incurable diseases aged 25 and under. The program provides support ranging from a minimum of 5 million won to a maximum of 30 million won, including surgery expenses, hospital treatment expenses, transplant costs, purchase of rare medications, and support for hospital assistive devices.
Director Hong Seung-yoon of the Korea Children's Cancer Foundation expressed gratitude, saying, "We are thankful for continuously practicing sharing and benevolence while giving hope to children. We look forward to the future activities of Young Tak, who is actively engaged in various fields."
Meanwhile, the Korea Children's Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit foundation registered with the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2001. It engages in various activities, including supporting medical and surgical expenses for children with pediatric cancer, leukemia, and rare diseases, outpatient and emergency medical support, emotional support, blood donation campaigns, and operating shelters for children with pediatric cancer.
Written by Han Hae SeonTranslated by Lee So Yun
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