Lim Young Woong's MV for 'Father' Reaches 13M Views

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  • 2023-05-25

Singer Lim Young Woong's music video for 'Father' has reached 13 million views, adding to the heartfelt emotions.
The music video for 'Father,' which was released on Lim Young Woong's official YouTube channel on August 9th last year, surpassed 13 million views on May 24th.
'Father' is a track from Lim Young Woong's first full-length album 'IM HERO,' released in May last year. It conveys the story of his father who suffers from dementia, evoking touching emotions.
Having experienced his father's illness at an early age, Lim Young Woong revealed in "'Reload Ep.3 Singing in Ireland" that it wasn't easy for him to sing 'Father.' He said, "The more I practiced and recorded it, the more the lyrics resonated with me, making it harder for me to sing."
Lim Young Woong also mentioned his mother, saying, "When I think of 'Father,' I also think of my mother. Many memories of the good times we had when I was young come to mind." He recalled his childhood, saying, "I used to pull out my mother's white hair and receive pocket money to go play the claw machine."
Expressing his hopes, Lim Young Woong said, "While listening to this song, I hope you can feel the heartache but also turn those moments into cherished memories."
Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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