TREASURE Release Behind-the-scenes video for Manila Concert

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  • 2023-05-26

YG Entertainment's boy group TREASURE has released a behind-the-scenes video of their Manila concert, garnering an incredible response from fans.
On the 25th, YG Entertainment shared the 14th episode of 'TREASURE WORLD MAP' on TREASURE's official SNS. The video features the energetic concert that was completed with the participation of local fans and the members' fun mini-game challenges.
At the rehearsal site, TREASURE displayed their usual vibrant energy as they took the stage. Doyoung recalled meeting Manila fans once in 2022 and said, "I remember the overwhelming response we received. Today, we will gain a lot of strength and put on a great show." The atmosphere near the concert venue on the first day was filled with enthusiastic fans. They chanted TREASURE's signature greeting and sang along to 'Jikjin,' creating an electric atmosphere. 
When the curtain rose, TREASURE reciprocated with their intricate choreography, strong vocals, and dazzling performances. Choi Hyun-suk couldn't hide his excitement upon hearing the voices of the fans through his in-ear monitor.
After the Manila concert on the first night, Jun-kyu, Asahi, Park Jeong-woo, and So Jung-hwan wore pajamas and participated in mini-games. They played games like 'Balance Zenka,' which presented unexpected questions, 'Life Game,' where they fully immersed themselves, and 'Zero Game,' filled with tension. They showcased their innocent and charming personalities.
On the second day, during the second performance, the members heated up the venue with their overflowing energy. At the encore, they embraced the explosive response and cheers from TREASURE MAKER (the fandom name), igniting their passion until the very last moment.
After coming off the stage, the members reminisced about the fan-prepared cheering rod event and wave-riding experience. Jung-hwan expressed, "The response today was truly amazing," while Jun-kyu said, "I'm very grateful, and I had so much fun." During the sand off event, they shared their gratitude once again, interacting with fans and reliving the memories of the Manila concert.
Having successfully concluded their first Asia tour, TREASURE plans to expand their global influence further this year. In July, they will participate in 'Waterbomb Nagoya 2023,' and in August, they will perform on the main stage of Japan's representative music festival, 'Summer Sonic 2023,' where they are expected to captivate even more fans.
Written by Lee Seung HunTranslated by Lee So Yun
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