PSY Concert Again in 9 cities

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  • 2023-05-26

PSY has released hints about the cities where 'Heembbok Show 2023' will be held in a whopping nine cities.
On the 24th, Psy uploaded hint photos of the cities where 'SUMMER SWAG 2023' will be performed on his personal SNS. Fans are speculating the locations for 'Heembbok Show 2023' based on the photos uploaded by Psy, and the response is becoming even hotter. The released photos stimulate curiosity as they only show parts of the overall image.
Earlier, on the 23rd, Psy announced the ticket reservation schedule for 'Psy Heembbok Show Summer Swag 2023.' Although the exact cities for the 'Heembbok Show' have not been revealed yet, the excitement is already palpable.
'Heembbok Show' is Psy's representative summer brand concert, which combines his hot energy and dynamic stage production to receive immense love from the audience. In particular, last year's 'Heembbok Show' recorded the highest ticket sales ranking (according to Interpark) for that year's concert and has consistently received explosive reactions.
Especially, 'Psy Heembbok Show 2022' was released as a live film on Disney+ three days ago and is currently being popularly broadcasted. This demonstrates that 'Heembbok Show' has become more than just a simple performance but has firmly established itself as a global phenomenon and a complete culture.
Above all, since its launch in 2011, the average age of the audience for 'Heembbok Show' has been 25 years old, attracting many people in their 20s at that time. This aspect highlights the fact that Psy, who has been active for 23 years since his debut, is still an active singer.
The question remains: where will we be able to meet 'Heembbok Show 2023' this time? Everyone is paying attention to what surprising performances Psy will bring to shake up this summer.
Written by Lee Seung HunTranslated by Lee So Yun
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