Kim Jaejoong Meet Fans ' in Macau'

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  • 2023-06-13

Kim Jaejoong successfully wrapped up his Asian tour concert, titled '<J-PARTY> in Macau.
On the 10th and 11th, Kim Jaejoong held his 2023 Asian tour concert '<J-PARTY> in Macau' and met with local fans. '<J-PARTY>' was previously held in Seoul and Taipei, Taiwan in January and March, and Kim Jaejoong once again met his fans through the Macau performance in June. Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong demonstrated his status as an "Asian star" by selling out all tickets for the Macau concert and even adding additional shows.
Returning to Macau for a concert after a long time, Kim Jaejoong filled the stage with a setlist that catered to his fans, creating unforgettable moments for those in attendance.
Opening the concert with performances of 'Us' and 'In This World,' Kim Jaejoong continued to showcase the stages of his representative songs released throughout his career.
An official stated, "With his diverse charms displayed through various genres, the local fans couldn't hold back their applause and cheers. Kim Jaejoong responded to the love of his fans with passionate performances and encore stages throughout the concert."
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong recently announced the establishment of his own agency, iNKODE, signaling a new beginning. He is expected to show even more diverse aspects in various fields in the future.
Written by Kim Soo JinTranslated by Lee So Yun
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