JYP Surpass 5 Trillwon Won Landmark

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  • 2023-07-25

JYP Entertainment  has surpassed a market capitalization of 5 trillion won. Thanks to the active performances of its artists, JYP has experienced rapid growth this year and continues to show an unstoppable upward trend as it enters the latter half of the year.
According to the data on the 25th, JYP's stock has risen by 11.47% from the previous trading day, currently trading at 143,900 won. With its consecutive surges, JYP's market capitalization has reached 5.1081 trillion won this month.
At the beginning of the year, JYP's market cap was in the 2 trillion won range. It first exceeded 3 trillion won in April and reached the 4 trillion won mark in May. Now, in the current month, it has achieved a market capitalization of 5 trillion won. As a result, JYP has risen to the 6th place in the ranking of KOSDAQ market capitalization. On the same day, HYBE Corporation's market capitalization was 11.3294 trillion won. JYP is now at a level where it is roughly half of the 'Entertainment Master' HYBE's market capitalization. Industry experts view JYP's future positively in light of these developments.
This success is attributed to the non-stop comeback rush of JYP's artists. First, in March, TWICE released their 12th mini-album 'READY TO BE,' ENHYPEN released their 1st mini-album 'exper:go,' and NiziU released their 5th single album 'Paradise.' In particular, ENHYPEN made a significant impact on domestic and international charts with the title track 'LOVE ME LIKE THIS' from 'exper:go,' solidifying their name in the hearts of the public.
Written by Ahn Yoon JiTranslated by Lee So Yun
이소연 기자
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