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  • 2023-08-09

On the 21st, AKMU has confirmed their comeback.
Their agency, YG Entertainment, posted 'AKMU IS COMING' on their official blog on the 9th, revealing AKMU's comeback schedule.
The video started with a fresh and pink cityscape unfolding on a mobile phone screen. Lee Suhyun's cupid character approached where Lee Chanhyuk was, and their path connected in a heart shape, hinting at the birth of another love song that represents AKMU. The QR code that appeared after filling the screen frame with heart shapes also piqued viewers' curiosity. Following that, the AKMU logo in hot pink color along with the date 2023.08.21 caught the eye.
AKMU is presenting a new song after approximately 2 years since their collaboration album 'NEXT EPISODE' in July 2021. Back then, they garnered both public and critical acclaim with 10 tracks that combined exceptional musicality with philosophical messages. Anticipation is building for what kind of musical world they will showcase through this comeback.
The heart-shaped QR code is linked to the newly opened AKMU Instagram and TikTok accounts, alongside this comeback. As they have just entered their comeback promotion, fresh teaser content prepared by AKMU will be gradually revealed.
Please note that this is a translation and some nuances may be lost in the process.
Written by Lee Seung HunTranslated by Lee So Yun
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