FIFTY FIFTY Release a new album

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  • 2023-09-22

Group FIFTY FIFTY has quietly released a new album today.
According to Star News on September 22, FIFTY FIFTY released a compilation EP album titled 'The Beginning' at around 11 a.m. on this day. The surprise release of the album without any prior promotional activities has garnered attention.
'The Beginning' album includes various versions of FIFTY FIFTY's hit song 'Cupid,' which was released in February. The album features tracks such as 'Cupid (Twin Ver.),' the title track 'Cupid (ft. Sabrina Carpenter),' 'Cupid (Twin Ver.) (Live Studio Ver. OT4),' 'Lovin' Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4),' 'Tell Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4),' and 'Cupid (Twin Ver.) - Sped Up Version,' among others. It also includes songs from their first EP album 'FIFTY FIFTY,' released in November last year, such as 'Lovin' Me,' 'Tell Me,' 'Higher,' and 'Log in,' making a total of 11 tracks.
This album not only compiles FIFTY FIFTY's songs released since their debut but also features various versions of their hit song 'Cupid,' adding to the intrigue.
The release of 'The Beginning' album has gained attention as it came out during a dispute between FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, Attract. The album introduction states, "FIFTY FIFTY, who received praise for their debut album filled with deep musicality and diverse images, is releasing an album [FIFTY FIFTY - The Beginning] that includes a collaboration track with Sabrina Carpenter."
Please note that the term "FIFTY FIFTY" appears to be repeated twice in the source text, and it may be a reference to the group's name.
Written by Han Hae SeonTranslated by Lee So Yun
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