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  • 2023-10-03

In September, V from BTS achieved the top spot on the monthly World Chart with a score of 10,5793.62 points, demonstrating his status as a "Monthly Idol" in the world of K-pop. The World Chart is a comprehensive chart within the Hanteo Chart, based on global data for K-pop artists, including album sales, digital music, certifications, SNS (social media), and media presence. V's 'Layover' album performed exceptionally well in the album and media categories. As an artist who has achieved over 2.1 million copies in initial album sales, V scored highly in the album category. Following V, IU and BLACKPINK secured the second and third positions on the monthly World Chart, respectively.
V also topped the monthly album chart for September with an album index of 25,070,02.80 points (selling 2,141,557 copies), setting a new record for the highest initial sales by a solo Korean artist and claiming the top spot on the monthly chart. Following him, LISA ranked second with an album index of 10,417,71.00 points (selling 1,041,771 copies), and BOY NEXT DOOR took the third position with an album index of 5,667,64.06 points (selling 489,044 copies).
On the monthly certification chart for September, PLAVE claimed the top spot. Over the course of the month, Taiwan was the region where PLAVE's official albums were certified the most, followed by Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. Achieving the top position in the monthly certification chart through fan participation in album certification is an impressive feat for a virtual idol group. Through the monthly certification chart, the strong support and enthusiasm of PLAVE's fandom, which rivals that of established idol groups, were evident.
The calculation period for Hanteo Chart's September monthly chart was from September 1st to September 30th.
Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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