'Layover' selected among '30 Best Albums of 2023'

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  • 2023-12-05

BTS's V solo album 'Layover' has been selected as one of the '30 Best Albums of 2023' in the pop genre in the birthplace of pop, the United Kingdom.
The renowned entertainment magazine 'TimeOut' in the UK announced the '2023 The 30 Best Albums,' which was curated by editors from around the world based on the most listened-to albums in the past 12 months, on December 1st.
V's 'Layover' secured the 19th position on the list. The top spot was claimed by the 2023 new album from the famous American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. Besides well-known pop artists like Troye Sivan, Olivia Rodrigo, Sam Smith, it also featured albums from singer-songwriters and artists in the Anglophone world, such as Raye and Cat Power. TimeOut, in selecting V's album, stated, "His debut album adds a husky and sweet baritone range to jazz-influenced R&B tracks, evoking a distinct sense of nostalgia. The recommended track is 'Slow Dancing,' a soulful and beautifully flowing track that harmonizes with the song's choreography. There is also 'For Us,' which features interesting key changes in the middle."
'Layover' has received much love in the UK, charting for 8 consecutive weeks on the UK Official Album Downloads Chart, marking a new record for V as the K-pop solo artist with the longest chart presence.
The title track 'Slow Dancing' also set a new K-pop record by charting for 9 consecutive weeks on both the UK Official Singles Download Chart and the UK Official Singles Sales Chart. 'Slow Dancing' previously debuted at number one on each of these charts.
Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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