ZEROBASEONE Dazzling Achievement

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  • 2023-12-28

ZEROBASEONE, the Rookie Group of the Year Supported by Numbers, is garnering explosive popularity transcending generations.
ZEROBASEONE (Seong Hanbin, Kim Jiwon, Jang Hao, Seok Maetoo, Kim Taerae, Ricky, Kim Kyubin, Park Geonwook, Han Yujin) debuted on July 10th with their album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE.'
Born through overwhelming support from fans in 184 countries and regions through Mnet's 'Boys Planet,' they have consistently set new K-pop records since their debut, solidifying their position as the best rookie of the year.
In particular, ZEROBASEONE held their first fan concert in Seoul at the Gochok Sky Dome just a month after their debut in August, selling out all 18,000 seats and proving their hot popularity.
ZEROBASEONE achieved the status of 'million seller' in a single day, recording approximately 1.24 million copies in sales with their album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE.' Joining the ranks of million sellers with their debut album, ZEROBASEONE set a record as the fastest among all K-pop groups in history. Following this accomplishment, they surpassed 2 million copies in cumulative sales based on the Circle Monthly Chart in September, earning them the title of 'double million seller.'
Written by Kim Su Jin
Translated by Lee So Yun
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