'Like Crazy' has shone in the '15 K-pop Hits that Dominated 2023'

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  • 2024-01-04

BTS's Jimin's 'Like Crazy' has shone in the '15 K-pop Hits that Dominated 2023' selected by the Grammy Awards.
The Grammy Awards selected Jimin's 'Like Crazy' as one of the '15 K-pop Hits that Dominated 2023,' acknowledging his long-standing prowess as a solo artist since his first solo track 'Lie' in BTS's 2016 regular album. The announcement highlighted that this year, Jimin finally presented a proper solo album to the world.
Furthermore, the detailed introduction of the album explained that Jimin actively participated in the production of his first solo album 'FACE,' released in March. He co-composed five out of the six songs included in the album, and he played a crucial role in conceptualizing the sound and visuals of the title track 'Like Crazy.' The Grammy Awards praised Jimin's involvement in the entire album production, acknowledging his capacity as an artist and applauding his genuine artistic expression.
Describing 'Like Crazy' as a "journey through dark synth-pop via despair," the song skillfully expresses the plea to stay together, no matter what remains in a crumbling relationship. The Grammy Awards noted that Jimin's song resonated strongly with global listeners, making him the first Korean solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun
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