NCT WISH Members Sion and Yūshi Revealed - Talented All-Rounders Set to Debut on February 21st

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  • 2024-01-24

Firstly, Sion (born in 2002, Korea) is a well-rounded member possessing excellent vocal and dance skills, along with striking visuals and a robust physique. On the reality program 'NCT Universe: LASTART,' BoA remarked, "His stable vocals are captivating," while Hyoyeon praised his intense gaze that seems to conquer the stage, stating, "He continues to capture attention with his stage presence." Esteemed seniors in the music industry have acknowledged his talents.
Additionally, Sion has been consistently studying Japanese, and his proficient command of the language is expected to shine in activities that involve both Korea and Japan. As the eldest in the team, Sion plays a significant role in creating a warm team atmosphere with his affectionate personality and reliable leadership. Anticipation is high for Sion's charm, not only in music but also in his eloquence, wit, teamwork, and various other aspects.
Yūshi (born in 2004, Japan) is a member who captivates attention with his distinctive voice, excellent performance skills, and charming face. BoA has praised his ability to appeal to the audience with his unique charms on each mission stage, describing him as a vocalist who delivers touching performances. Ryeowook expressed curiosity, stating that the more you see, the more you become intrigued by Yūshi's captivating qualities like a black hole. Haechan acknowledged him for possessing a unique vocal style that contributes to defining the team's color. Yūshi has proven himself as an ace with these commendations.
NCT WISH operates under the catchphrase 'WISH for OUR WISH,' aspiring to support the wishes and dreams of everyone through music and love, and to collectively achieve them. The team is composed of six members: Sion, Riku, Yūshi, Jaehi, Ryo, and Sakuya. With a hopeful and bright team color, they have garnered significant attention for their refreshing and youthful member composition. The team expresses the ambition to come together and make dreams come true, aligning with their optimistic and bright team identity.

Written by Han Hae Seon
Translated by Lee So yun
이소연 기자
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