BTS V's 'Rainy Days' Surpasses 196 Million Streams

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  • 2024-01-24

V's 'Rainy Days' has shone brightly on the world's largest music streaming platform, Spotify, surpassing an impressive 196 million streams. As of January 23rd, the song has recorded a total of 196.47 million streams, continuing to receive unwavering love.
Categorized under the alternative R&B genre, 'Rainy Days' blends vintage and unconventional percussion sounds with contemporary drum beats, creating a unique atmosphere. V's sincere and emotive vocal delivery stands out in this song.
The music video for 'Rainy Days' complements the mood of the song, depicting V going about his daily life—preparing meals, focusing on work, and taking naps—all in sync with the ordinary moments captured in the soothing ambiance of the song.
'Rainy Days' received significant recognition from the U.S. music publication Rolling Stone, ranking 4th in their 'Best Songs of 2023 - Top 100 K-pop Songs' and claiming the highest position for a K-pop solo song at 58th. Rolling Stone praised V's musical achievements, stating, "V showcased his skills seamlessly in 'Rainy Days,' a track unfolding with an old-school sound. His baritone, reminiscent of strolling through thick clouds, beautifully resonated with the melancholic piano melody and relaxed beats."
Furthermore, they commented, "Without a doubt, it delivered the joy of listening to a song perfect for rainy days, introducing a new form of music as a peaceful storm unfolds," leaving an impressive evaluation and praise for V's vocals.
V's solo album 'Layover,' which includes 'Rainy Days,' has demonstrated its formidable streaming power by surpassing 70 million streams within the shortest period for a K-pop solo artist, achieving this milestone in just 128 days since its release.

Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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