Baby Monster, Impressive Vocals on Displa

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  • 2024-02-08

Live Stage Debut YG's New Girl Group Baby Monster's pre-release song 'Stuck In The Middle' stage has been revealed for the first time, shaking the hearts of global fans.On the 8th, YG Entertainment officially released 'BABYMONSTER - 'Stuck In The Middle' SPECIAL STAGE' on its official blog. It's a video where you can fully experience the solid vocal abilities of the six members within YG's high-quality production system and their unique aura.
Baby Monster, appearing in dazzling dresses, captivated the eyes and ears with their distinctive vocals. Despite their young age, their delicate voices adorned the sweet piano melody, immersing listeners with their emotional delivery, and their lonely yet poignant facial expressions added to the deep sense of immersion.
The high-quality production that maximizes the mood of the song and the deep emotions of the lyrics also caught attention. An arch-shaped structure reminiscent of a giant temple unfolded mysteriously like a fairy tale, adorned with petals and LED screens displaying starlight, along with subtle lighting effects, making it impossible to take your eyes off for a moment.

Written by Han Hae Seon
Translated by Lee So Yun
이소연 기자
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