Baby Monster, dominating the music charts

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  • 2024-04-23

Baby Monster, dominating the music charts with their debut song 'SHEESH', the girl group Baby Monster has been breaking their own records on domestic music charts for several days in a row, fueled by the enthusiastic praise from music fans.
According to YG Entertainment on the 23rd, Baby Monster's 'SHEESH' ranked 9th on the Melon HOT100 chart as of 9 a.m. on that day. Especially, it soared up to 14th place on the Melon TOP100, which has a high entry barrier, achieving an exceptional result for a rookie group. This accomplishment was attributed to their outstanding live skills, which garnered rave reviews among music fans. Despite three weeks passing since its release on the 1st, they steadily climbed the rankings thanks to this word of mouth. In reality, Baby Monster impressed fans with their exceptional live performances on music shows, YouTube content, and variety shows, attracting popularity among the public and gaining momentum in music chart rankings.
'SHEESH' is also receiving warm love from listeners on major domestic music charts other than Melon. It's topping the real-time charts on Naver VIBE, and on Bugs, it's securely positioned in the top ranks, even surpassing the throne on the charts, while on Genie and Flo, it's breaking its own records with a steep upward trend.
Their performance on global charts is also remarkable. On the world's largest music streaming platform Spotify, it's been charting for 21 consecutive days, and on the U.S. Billboard Global Excl. U.S and Billboard Global 200 charts, it reached new heights with 23rd and 49th place respectively, marking the team's highest rankings to date.

Written by Lee Seung Hun
Translated by Lee So Yun
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