RIIZE, the 'rising star' artist proven on YouTube

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  • 2024-05-02

The videos released by the boy group RIIZE are climbing the ranks of YouTube's trending list, solidifying RIIZE's 'top-tier popularity'.
RIIZE secured the top spot on the Korean popular music video daily chart on YouTube with their prologue single 'Impossible' music video released on April 18. Additionally, the 'studio dance' content of 'Impossible', showcasing RIIZE's signature house dance style, also landed in the upper ranks of the trending videos soon after its release.
Furthermore, with the anticipation building for RIIZE's first mini album release in June, the other tracks pre-released on April 29, 'One Kiss' and '9 Days', also made their mark by ranking 3rd and 4th respectively on the trending videos chart (peak ranking).
In addition to their new song promotions, RIIZE's appearances on YouTube entertainment content have been well-received. Especially, episodes featuring RIIZE on shows like 'Workman' and 'Hong Seokcheon's Jewelry Box' immediately soared to the top spot on YouTube's trending videos chart.
Thanks to RIIZE's rising popularity, attention is also drawn to the content on RIIZE's official YouTube channel. As of May 1, the channel has surpassed 1.26 million subscribers, and excluding music videos, the accumulated views on the channel have exceeded 340 million. Moreover, RIIZE's recent music videos for 'Impossible', '9 Days', and 'One Kiss' have all entered the Top 10 on the Korean section of QQ Music's music video chart, indicating a significant rise in popularity not only domestically but also on overseas platforms.
RIIZE will hold '2024 RIIZE FAN-CON 'RIIZING DAY' in SEOUL' at Seoul's Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on May 4-5.

Written by Lee Seung Hun
Translated by Lee So Yun
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