Seventeen Tops Oricon Weekly Album Chart with "17 IS RIGHT HERE"

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  • 2024-05-07

Seventeen Tops Oricon Weekly Album Chart with "17 IS RIGHT HERE," Setting a Record for Most Sales by Overseas Artists
According to Oricon on the 7th, Seventeen's best album "17 IS RIGHT HERE" reached the top of the latest weekly album ranking (as of May 13th/accumulated from April 29th to May 5th) with a sales volume of 333,000 copies. This marks the highest weekly album sales by overseas male and female artists this year.
Additionally, Seventeen achieved their 12th chart-topping album on Oricon, continuing their streak as the overseas artist with the most number-one records. Based on their 2021 mini-album "Attacca," this marks their eighth consecutive chart-topping album.
"17 IS RIGHT HERE" has achieved exceptional success as a best album, dominating major charts both domestically and internationally. The album achieved double million seller status on its release day last month, with first-week sales exceeding 2.96 million copies, securing the top spot on the Hanteo Chart's weekly chart.
The title track of the best album, "MAESTRO," swept to the top of the iTunes "Top Songs" chart in 32 countries/regions worldwide upon its release, also reaching number one on worldwide song charts. On domestic music charts like Melon, Genie Music, and Bugs, all unit songs included in the best album, such as "LALALI," "Spell," and "Cheongchun Changga," entered the top ranks, showcasing Seventeen's prowess as the "masters of hit songs."
Written by Ahn Yoon Ji
Translated by Lee So Yun
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