BTS Jin, 'Sincerity' conveyed through 'The Astronaut'

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  • 2022-12-29

The message that BTS Jin wants to convey through his solo song 'The Astronaut' is drawing attention again.
'Genius Korea' of the American digital music media Genius looked into Jin's heart and message contained in the song in an article titled 'Jin announces that he will be with us forever with 'The Astronaut''.

The media conveyed both the joy of Jin's solo debut and the disappointment of enlisting in the army, saying, "This song optimally introduces modern production technology that implements a musical panorama using synthesizers, echoes, and panning techniques to create a three-dimensional listening experience, praising the perfection of the song.
In addition, Jin, who has always expressed his love for ARMY, mentioned the lyrics "You and me, history that never ends, oh our story that became my universe" and "I was just drifting away like that asteroid that flowed aimlessly" Because of this, the lyrics are also said to be a gift to express gratitude to the fans who have supported them for the past 9 years.
Written by Mun Wan SikTranslated by Lee So Yun
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