'SUPER REAL ME' reaching 2nd place on the Hanteo Daily Chart

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  • 2024-03-27

ILLIT, K-pop girl group debuts and charts on debut day Girl group ILLIT (Yuna, Minju, Mocha, Wonhee, Loha) has proven themselves as 'super rookies' by debuting and immediately gaining popularity domestically and internationally.
ILLIT's first mini-album 'SUPER REAL ME', released on the 25th, sold nearly 200,000 copies in just two days, reaching 2nd place on the Hanteo Chart daily chart (as of March 26th), while the title track 'Magnetic' music video garnered 10 million views within approximately 24 hours.
Their chart performance domestically and internationally is noteworthy. 'Magnetic' entered all major domestic streaming charts such as Bugs, Genie, and Melon on the day of its release, and all the tracks from 'SUPER REAL ME' charted on the Melon HOT 100 chart. Particularly, 'Magnetic' entered the 'Daily Global Top Songs' chart on the world's largest streaming platform Spotify at 160th place, setting a new record as the first K-pop girl group to enter this chart on their debut day.
'SUPER REAL ME' also topped the Oricon 'Daily Album Ranking' in Japan (as of March 25th). The title track 'Magnetic' ranked 1st on Japan's major music service AWA's real-time chart, and other tracks such as 'My World' and 'Midnight Fiction' also made it to the top ranks. The 'Magnetic' music video ranked 2nd on the Line Music's music video chart.
As of the 26th, 'SUPER REAL ME' entered the 'Top Albums' chart on iTunes in a total of 14 countries/regions. It topped the charts in Brazil and Russia and entered the 'Top 10' in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, and Malaysia. 'Magnetic' charted on the 'Top Songs' chart on iTunes in 6 countries/regions.
ILLIT's debut mini-album 'SUPER REAL ME' is filled with the authenticity and imagination of teenagers. It includes 4 tracks including the title track 'Magnetic', 'My World', 'Midnight Fiction', and 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'. 'Magnetic' compares the feeling of rushing towards a loved one at full speed to a magnet, cleverly expressing the message with lyrics like "super attraction".
ILLIT will kick off their debut activities starting from Mnet's 'M Countdown' on the 28th.

Written by Lee Seung Hun
Translated by Lee So Yun
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