Stray Kids: You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised

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  • 2024-05-09

Ahead of the release of their new song "Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth)" on the 10th, Stray Kids shared insights into the production process, building anticipation.
On May 10th, Stray Kids will unveil their new digital single "Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth)." With the song being a collaboration between the global sensation Stray Kids and the world-renowned musician Charlie Puth, it has garnered attention from fans both domestically and internationally. To further stoke excitement, on the 9th at midnight, the group's official social media channels released an intro video where members personally discuss the process behind the song, igniting even more enthusiasm.
Expressing their ambitious aspirations, Stray Kids stated, "We want to achieve our dreams and goals globally." Alongside the release of the English single "Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth)," the group will embark on various overseas promotions, bringing them closer to STAYs (the fandom name) worldwide.
As Triple Headliner performers, they will expand their global presence by participating in major music festivals abroad, including Italy's "I-Days" in Milan on July 12th, the UK's "BST Hyde Park" in London on the 14th, and the sold-out "Lollapalooza Chicago" in the USA on August 2nd.
Stray Kids' new digital single "Lose My Breath (Feat. Charlie Puth)" will be officially released on May 10th at 1 PM (midnight Eastern Time in the US).

Written by Kim Su Jin
Translated by Lee So Yun
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