Park Geon-il Selected as MC for Pre-show of '2023 Asia Artist Awards'

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  • 2023-05-22

South Korean actor Park Geon-il has been selected as the solo MC for the '男神' (Man-God) Pre-show of the '2023 Asia Artist Awards' (2023 AAA), according to the article.
The '男神' Pre-show of the '2023 AAA,' scheduled to take place in the second half of this year, is a special concert created by trending artists who are extending their popularity beyond South Korea into Asia. 
Four popular actors, Kim Sun-ho, Hwang Min-hyun, Lee Jun-young, and Kim Young-dae, who are leading figures in the globally popular K-content, have been confirmed to appear, raising the anticipation of global fans. 
Park Geon-il, who has showcased his presence through various works such as "Soul," "Here Comes Jang Bori," "7 Days of Romance," "Mr. Lee," "Midnight Cafe: Missing Honey," and "I Don't Like Love But I Hate Being Lonely," has displayed stable acting skills, superior physicality, and a warm visual. 
He was also recognized for his achievements by winning the Focus Award in the actor category at the '2021 AAA.'
Debuting as an idol group in 2007, Park Geon-il has been actively pursuing various activities in Japan. He has made an impact not only as part of a group but also through his performances in dramas, films, and musicals, transcending borders. 
With his unique and proficient Japanese language skills, he is expected to excel in bridging communication between the '男神' actors and local fans. The special gift prepared by five global leading actors, Kim Sun-ho, Hwang Min-hyun, Lee Jun-young, Kim Young-dae, and MC Park Geon-il, the '2023 AAA' Beginning Concert '男神,' will be held for a total of two performances on July 8th at the Yokohama Pia Arena MM in Japan.
Meanwhile, detailed information regarding the venue, date, lineup, and other related information for the main '2023 AAA' ceremony will be announced at a later date.
Written by Yoon Seong Yeol Translated by Lee So Yun
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